6 Impressive Tools From Microsoft Word For Writers

A writer can use many computer applications for his work; these can include planning tools, research applications, browsers and image viewers in case he wants to insert images in his work. Microsoft Word 2010 is the newest application for Windows-oriented computers for document processing, formatting and saving. It is the 13th production but it is named Office 14 due to the taboo associated with the number 13. The idea was developed in 2007 but Microsoft only released the finished product in 2010.

Unlike its predecessors Word 2003 and Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010 comes laden with a lot of corrections and changes that make writing using this application easy. Microsoft has outdone itself by adding the number of file formats Word 2010 can support, including PDF. The new features that are highly impressive include:

New formatting tools

These include new styles and fonts for headings and the body. The ease of changing the style is also a new feature. Inserting objects or images has already been made easy by the introduction of an insert interface and preloaded images and charts. This makes it easy to use especially for novice users. At the click of a button, you are able to change your document, as you want it to appear. You can choose the page layout by clicking the application interface and the page view.

New themes

It comes with new themes that are attractive, though they only come in three colors. It is an addition to the predominantly blue interface. The new look accommodates masculinity as well as femininity, a plus for the Microsoft team. There are three colors – black, silver and the traditional blue. While black gives the application a serious, business like look, blue and silver make it look calm and relax.


It offers easy preview for all functions, the most impressive being able to view before pasting or inserting anything on the document. This feature is effective as you are able to determine how you want the data you are introducing in to the document to look and make sure it tallies with the work you were doing.


It has a grammatical thesaurus that highlights grammatical and spelling errors and is able to do a word count as you type. It auto saves the document at intervals to ensure work is not lost in case you close the document before saving it. It also has an auto recovery feature that ensures documents are not lost as they used to be before. For the writers, this feature is very helpful as they use it to make corrections on their work.

Word art

Microsoft Word 2010 has come with new word art capabilities that make it easy to insert them on the documents. This makes it easy to add the artistic fonts into your document as you type. It is a feature that really saves your time. For the writer, sometimes you might need to insert simple arts and their availability on the application is a plus for them.

Background removal tool

The newest feature is the background removal tool that allows you to remove the background on images and leave the desired part of the photo. This tool is effective when you want to highlight a specific part of the image. It has made it easier than using other applications to edit the photos before inserting them in to the word document.

Well, this application has not been traditionally a writer’s preference; this is because other applications from Mac and Linux have offered stiff competition but the new Microsoft Word gives an opportunity to share your work through emails without leaving the page. This makes it a darling for every SEO writer; it makes work easier by constantly checking their work and ensuring 100% delivery. This is done by linking your email with your office suite.

The fact that it comes with an improved thesaurus, is a plus. Many other applications have word checks but Microsoft 2010 offers a service that the others do not, such as access to Bing and other search engines to search for words and their use in grammar. These features make it a prime resource for writers, especially in how the increased saving formats are.

The writer is a computer enthusiast. He is always using the word count web based tool for his articles and blog posts but relies on Microsoft Word 2010 for the other excellent functions.

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  1. Justin Germino

    When writing blog posts I still use Windows Live Writer which more easily publishes to WordPress and allows direct publishing, but when guest bloggers send me word posts via email they easily copy/paste into Live Writer keeping all formatting intact which is nice.

    Word has gotten much better in the later versions and easier to work with, but still has a lot of html mark up that requires cleanup when posting elsewhere online.

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