A Simple Guide To Visual SEO

One of the more overlooked and under-utilized Search Engine Optimization strategies is visual. Something I like to call Visual SEO. In our obsession over contextual anchor text backlinks, we often forget the vast opportunity in building links of visual origin. In this blog post I’d like to discuss with you the details of Visual SEO and the specific strategies content marketing agencies are leveraging to build organic backlinks by the hundreds.

Note: this type of link building isn’t easy. It’s not as easy as submitting your site to a directory or leaving a comment on some blog post. A Visual SEO strategy takes much more effort and most important of all, more creativity. But if you’re willing to put the work in… success will surely manifest itself in the form of hundreds of high quality backlinks that your competitors most likely will not have.

1. Infographics

Infographics do extremely well on StumbleUpon and Tumblr. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this strategy. Sometimes it can be very intimidating looking at infographics others have put together and the intense amount of design and data that often times goes into them. You can create more simple Infographics that have less design and less data but yield just as high results. Think content first, then design!

2. Memes

Any simple image with a contextual message overlaid on top is what I’m calling a meme here. It can be informative, funny or motivational and everything in between. If you have an iPad I highly recommend downloading the app called ‘Over.’ Over helps you create really cool memes in fractions of the time. That way you can put your focus less on design and more on the content of the image itself. Memes do wonderfully well in Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr!

3. Animated Gifs

Remember when Animated Gifs were looked down upon for being “old school” and were a remembrance of the beginning days of the web? Well they’ve made a comeback thanks to sites like BuzzFeed. Short animated gifs often times of a comedy nature do very well on Tumblr and Stumbleupon. You’ve got to be extremely creative here but this will do wonders for your SEO campaign if you can pull it off.

4. Slideshares

This strategy involves creating highly valuable, interesting, and informative content in the form of slideshow presentations, then sharing those presentations on the popular social network Slideshare.net.

5. Simple Engaging Photos

This is where you definitely want an iPhone as Android phones just don’t do as good of a job. Think like a photographer and take more photos with your phone, then share these photos on Flickr and Instagram. You’d be surprised how many more photos you can take each day that can benefit your link building campaign by just developing the habit of taking more pictures. Don’t let the simplicity of this strategy fool you, it will yield big results!

Notice the key to making all 5 of these strategies in Visual SEO work. Social Media! In all 5 strategies Social Media is your key to success. Without it you can’t get your stuff noticed and in front of enough eye balls. And not just any Social Media platforms will do the job. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Slideshare, Tumblr, and Stumbleupon are the specific networks that will bring you the most success. Take your time and work hard building relationships with other users and sharing other users content as well as your own. You’re going to need key users in all 7 of these social networks to help you broadcast your material.

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