The Writers You Should Never Hire

*”He” can be “she”*

Either too cheap or too expensive

Firstly, why is it cheap? Is it because it’s “his” rate or is it because he loves working for you?

If it’s because it’s “his” rate, then he will actually cost you. You will find you cannot use his articles at all, or you have to rewrite them completely, or you would rather hire someone else to write new and much better ones. The value of his articles is basically zero or in some ways, negative and you always lose no matter how cheap they are.

If he enjoys working for you because of affective job satisfaction (e.g. your assignments are creative, so he finds worthiness as a writer when he writes for you…), then still you should give him a raise in order to keep him; it’s only fair.

Another case is that high rate doesn’t definitely equate to high quality, even though the quality won’t be as low as the cheap one. Expensive writers work for money rather than passions; therefore, you cannot expect high quality that equates to their rate.

He writes too fast

How can you expect a high quality article to be written in half an hour without the writer previously thinking about the unique approach at all? High quality articles need more time to ripen. It doesn’t mean that fast writers cannot write high quality articles, but that high quality articles cannot be written so fast, otherwise, the articles will just not be anything special.

He’s wordy

Word count doesn’t equate to quality; if a writer’s writing style is just wordy, his articles are worthless. The writing will be ineffective, therefore, not of high quality. Because the writer’s rate is based on word count, either he’ll not be happy if you pay him less, or you’ll not be satisfied that you get an article of a discounted quality at a regular rate. It’s similar to hiring expensive writers for average articles.

Readers scan articles’ titles and excerpts to decide whether to continue reading. A wordy article will bore readers soon without its providing any useful information.

He never writes one word more than word count

Writing is a creative process. Even though writers will proofread, edit after initial creation, sometimes cut down ineffective expressions, and sometimes, elaborate more, writing is not science. If a writer can always write the exact word count you assign, he’s an accountant but not a writer and it seems that he’s not generous with his words as if each additional word should be paid. I wonder if he ever counts in his time spent calculating the words.

On the other hand, you do need to give your writer a raise if he always writes high quality articles that exceed word count requirement free of wordiness.

He writes incorrectly

You enjoy reading his entertaining articles, however, when you refer to the source you find not only what he writes is inaccurate, but it also distorts the facts. What’s more, it seems that he’s unaware of this at all and he does so regularly, reflected in his routine amusing gossipy writing style. It’s dreadful when you know all the articles are irresponsible chit chat.

This writer lacks the ability to precisely understand and interpret articles’ sources and / or to exactly express the facts.

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