The Emotional Challenges We Face When Building a Website


Building a website might seem like a technical challenge but actually you will find when you begin that it is also a surprisingly creative one and in many ways quite emotional. A website is something that you will pour a lot of time and effort into and maybe even money. A lot of your personality and your style will go into its creation – even when you use a web design company. As such, you will find that the project is actually quite personal and this makes it emotional in some ways – like having a child (but not quite as intense).

This is a good thing in many ways, because it means we end up putting our ‘fingerprint’ on the finished product and taking a lot more time and care on making sure that it comes out well. At the same time though, it can also be a bad thing in some ways because it means we will make some decisions that are emotional rather than logical. If you get too close the project it can ultimately be bad for your website rather than good, so it’s crucial to ensure you know how to separate yourself from it when necessary. Here, we will look at some of the ways to overcome the very emotional challenges you may be facing.

Holding Yourself Back

If it’s taking you a while to launch your website and you seem to be creating delays unnecessarily, then you might be holding yourself back. There are many emotional reasons this can happen – sometimes we hold ourselves back because we’re scared to fail (particularly when we’ve spent months to working on a project), while sometimes we hold ourselves back because we’re too perfectionist. If you can’t find the absolutely perfect name for your website, or aren’t 100% sure of the shade of blue you’re using, then you might find that you don’t end up releasing your website at all.

What’s important to remember though is that releasing your website early is part of the process. It’s the statistics, the feedback and the profit that will tell you whether or not your website is fine as it is, or whether it needs more tweaking to make it perfect. So, don’t put off releasing your site because it’s not perfect – release it now for that very reason.

It’s Not About You

This ties into a wider problem that many people have when they create websites – which is removing themselves form the situation and remembering that they’re unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Sure you might not be happy with the shade of blue, but that’s moot really when you consider that it’s not you who’s going to be buying things from your website. Your site shouldn’t be designed around what you think looks good at all – it should be designed around what the market research and experience tells you works well. While your personality should be on that site, what’s more important is whether it’s fit for purpose. That’s where your web design company comes in – so just make sure you’re listening to them.

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